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From the Golden Age to the Present Day
Finn Andersen & Ian O'Riordan


Illustrated catalogue for the exhibition at the Edinburgh Festival in 1995. Covers nearly 200 years of Danish art, including the Skagen painters and the COBRA group, as well as applied art of the present day. 1995.

124 pages. DKK 140,00














Flora Danica
Finn Andersen & Paul Nesbitt


The Flora Danica porcelain set was created for the royal family late in the 1800th century and is still in use. The decoration was based on drawings of the Danish flora in the Botanic Gardens. This catalogue was made for an exhibition in Edinburgh in 1994 displaying the original drawings as well as some parts of the set. The catalogue is richly illustrated and contains two essays about the Flora Danica. 1994. English.  


234 pages. DDK 52,00


















Discover Denmark
Per Himmelstrup (ed.)

Discover Denmark gives a broad view of the life of Danes and Danish society. An introduction to Danish social culture and everyday life, inspiring to closer study of the individual subjects. 1992. English or Spanish.


240 pages. DDK 158,40













Learning in Denmark
Hanna Broadbridge, Ib Fischer & Peder Kjøgx (ed.)


Danish educational methods, traditions and experience deeply rooted in Danish democratic culture, characterized by dialogue and citizen influence. Gives a view of the Danish educational system from kindergarten and secondary school to high school and folk high schools 1997. English. 


131 pages. DDK 120,00

















Songs from Denmark
P. Balslev-Clausen (ed.)

Community song is a characteristic of Danish Cultural life. The book contains 83 Danish songs and hymns, translated into English with the utmost care and respect. Accompanied by score and figuration. 2nd. ed. 1992. 


184 pages. DDK 128,00













Kierkegaard's Universe
-A New Guide to the Genius
Johannes Sløk


An introduction to Kierkegaard’s universe and his contribution to understanding life in a world of rapid change. 1994. English.

155 pages. DDK 60,00











Søren Kierkegaard
Frithiof Brandt


An introduction to Kierkegaard’s philosophy. Very informative of his life from his birth in 1813 till his early death in 1855. Edited in 1963. English, German or French. 

138 pages. DDK 32,00.











The Welfare Society in Transition
William Cave & Per Himmelstrup (ed.)


The welfare society has become an integrated part of Danish self-understanding. However, for some years it has been challenged by new principles and theories. This book discusses some of the problems and possibilities of future welfare society. 1995. English. 

232 pages. DDK 80,00














Danish Literature
Poul Borum


The late author Poul Borum’s introduction to Danish literature covers the period up to the year of the editing. It gives an introduction to the most important Danish contributions to world literature. 1979. English. 

140 pages. DDK 48,00












Danish Painting and Sculpture  
Vagn Poulsen & H. E. Nørregaard-Nielsen


Denmark has a comparatively short art tradition. Most of the important works of art up to around 1700 were made by foreign artists. This book describes Danish painting and sculpture after 1700. 1976. English.

234 pages. DDK 52,00












Nordic Democracy 
Folmer Wisti m.fl


Political ideas, publications and institutions as well as financial, educational, social and cultural subjects in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. 1981. English.

780 pages. DDK 100,00











National Identity and International
Community (Contact with Denmark )
Jens Holger Schjørring (ed.)


Contributions to a conference at the Grundtvig Centre of the University of Århus. 1993.

140 pages. DDK 40,00











Lux Europae 2002  
Finn Andersen (ed.)


19 artists from 17 countries displayed their light art works in the open in Copenhagen during the period October 3, 2002, - January 5, 2003. Illustrated cata- logue describing each artist. English. 

72 pages. DDK 79,20




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