About us



The Danish Cultural Institute promotes dialogue and understanding across cultural differences and national borders. Our work is founded on a broad conceptual platform that embraces art, culture and society; areas that unite people across cultures, promote international understanding and facilitate intercultural communication.


We focus on:

  • co-creation
  • innovation
  • welfare
  • sustainability
  • children & youth


The Danish Cultural Institute facilitates networks and strengthens collaboration between Danish and international artists, cultural institutions and the business community. Using culture as a common starting point, we create platforms for knowledge sharing, the exchange of ideas and experiences and lasting cultural relations.


These activities are diverse - from concerts to exhibitions, conferences to field trips, to theatre, film, dance, and in some countries Danish courses. In this way culture plays an active role in daily life, providing personal experiences for one and all.


Examples of the Danish Cultural Institute's activities:

  • Concerts with Danish soloists and ensembles abroad.
  • Exhibitions with Danish artists and informative exhibitions with subjects such as Danish architecture, education and social conditions
  • Theatre, film and dance.
  • Conferences and seminars about culture or social studies – both in Denmark and abroad.
  • Study tours to and from Denmark within subjects such as: health and social matters, educational and cultural politics. The study tours are mainly aimed towards professional organizations, governmental, regional and local authorities and associations.
  • Courses in Danish.

Key words of all these arrangements are exchange, dialogue and mutual inspiration. We do our outmost to organize courses and events, that will lead to long lasting connections and encourage networks.


The Danish Cultural Institute was founded in 1940 and is an independent institution. The Danish Cultural Institute has branches in six different countries and collaborative partners all over the world.



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