Exploring Indo - Danish Cooperation 

Exploring Indo - Danish Cooperation in Culture, Education and Science

February 2015


The Danish Cultural Institute is organizing a conference about possible collaborations between Denmark and India in relation to culture, education and science.

The conference will take place on the 24th of February. The entire program for 'Exploring Indo-Danish Cooperation' will run from the 22nd-25th of February. Its objective is to strengthen collaborations, build new partnerships and, thus, set up the scene for further co-creation.


The aim is to foster new co-operations in the fields of arts, heritage and culture, education and science, as well as the themes of sustainable development, innovation and co-creation.


This will be done by bringing key personalities and institutions from India to Denmark, in order to foster mutual learning between Indian and Danish personalities and institutions. Furthermore, it will be done by identifying priorities and prospective collaborative projects as well as ways they can be facilitated by the Danish Cultural Institute and other partners.


The program will consist of three parts. They include an individual visiting program, closed meetings where groups of Indians and Danish counterparts explore topics of common interest and a seminar on topics of common interest in culture and higher education and science.


It will function as a follow up to the 2012 project India Today – Copenhagen Tomorrow. India Today – Copenhagen Tomorrow presented contemporary India to Denmark in 2012, through various programs in visual and performing arts, literature, design, fashion, education, science and business. 


Among the many Indian personalities, who are scheduled to appear, are Mr. Ram Babu Singh, Head of Geography Department at the University of Delhi and Prathibha Prahlad, dancer and Festival Director at Delhi International Arts Festival, as well as representatives from Indian Institute for Human Settlements, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), SPIC MACAY and True School of Music.


The engaged partners include the Danish Innovation Centre in India, the Holck-Larsen Foundation, the University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School, Roskilde University, Technical University of Denmark, M-Foundation, Danish Architecture Centre, the Indian Embassy in Denmark and ASIA HOUSE etc.














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